Klearvue Kitchen Cabinets: One Year Later

white shaker kitchen cabinets

Do Klearvue kitchen cabinets hold up after use?

Keep reading to learn how they’ve held up for a family of four and what I’ve done to maintain them.

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And now to answer the biggest question you are wondering, do Klearvue cabinets hold up?

1.5 years later, my kitchen looks almost brand new and was the biggest draw for potential buyers when we sold our house. (17 showings in two days).

Lets break it down by durability, construction and maintenance.


These cabinets are more durable than you would expect. No warping, no sagging of shelves. No real dings or scratches on the cabinet doors.

The only vulnerable piece of this cabinet is the cover panels. As I’ve mentioned before, they are softer and will dent if you accidentally lift a cooking pot to it. It’s a minor dent, only noticeable to me, but dented, nonetheless.


The drawers are still working great. They soft close and still glide smoothly along the track.

The only drawer that caused some headache was the garbage pull out drawer. The metal frame that helps support the large front door came loose. I took it apart and glued the two pieces back together and problem was fixed.

klearvue garbage pull out cabinet

Additionally, the cabinet doors are all opening and closing just fine, even after my kids have tried riding them.  The hinges are adjustable if you need to fix them.

Also, in a year’s time, I have not noticed any discoloration.

Maintenance Cleaning:

Once a month, I took a damp paper towel and washed the cabinets. I focused on the areas around the garbage cabinet, the stove, and the handle pulls. The cabinets were very easy to clean. Any hand oils could be cleaned up with just a push of my fingers.

The one area that was more difficult to clean was above the stove. The cooking oils left those cabinets lightly speckled. Fortunately, the specks could only be seen from the side and not straight on, but hard to clean, nevertheless.


Klearvue cabinetry was definitely the way to go for our starter home. The cabinet functionality felt high-end with a low price tag.

We recently moved into a larger gourmet kitchen, and I miss my soft close drawers. I may have to add it to my list of projects for tomorrow.

I hope this summary has helped answer some of your questions regarding Klearvue cabinets.

Helping you plan for tomorrow,


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5 thoughts on “Klearvue Kitchen Cabinets: One Year Later”

  1. We are doing the installation ourselves and have had a lot of issues – mainly missing hinges and a lack of directions for how the “combo” sets work (one lower cabinet with interior drawers) and the trash cabinet. Did you do this yourself that you could share your “how to” for that one?

    1. Anna, we did not have an issue with missing hardware. The directions to put the drawers together came with the drawers but I do remember it was a bit complicated at first. I also remember putting on the sliding part of the drawer only to realize it was in the wrong spot and had to move it (which was not a big deal overall). As I no longer have these cabinets, I cannot go back and do a video on the how-to of putting it together, but I’m sure someone has done this on YouTube. I wish you the best of luck!

    1. At the time I purchased the cabinets, Klearvue had a maintenance policy that suggested not using any chemicals to clean the cabinets. I did not try dawn soap so I cannot recommend it myself. ~H

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